• The hardest question for a copywriter is
    "What do you do?"

    Once an ex-auto-engineer in the States, now an award-winning advertising copywriter specializing in the digital medium.

    Come every Monday, I'm a core member of the creative/copy/product team at Korra Advertising, and add value to pretty much everything that goes out the door,
    whether it is for existing clients or for integrated new business pitches.


    My doctor thinks that I have "an incredibly rare combination of Witzelsucht, Foerster's Syndrome and cacoethes scribendi,"
    but I just think he's got a chronic case of sesquipedalia. I read late, I write habitually and I'm compulsive about delivering on time.

    My rhetoric is rarely empty, and my dialectic is always friendly. I'm anal, but only when it comes to production values, quality and taste.

    Most people think I'm vell worsed in spelling, proficient on grammer, and have a grate eye for detial.


    I write for myself here. I collect writing here.


    I'm qualified for anything you can throw at me.

    Korra Advertising

    Associate Creative Director (Copy), 2019 - Present

    Gurugram, India

    Design award-winning digital advertising campaigns at one of India's newest, freshest, fastest-growing advertising agencies.

    Indigo Consulting (A Leo Burnett Company)

    Copy Supervisor - Associate Creative Director (Copy), 2014 - 2019
    New Delhi, India

    Design award-winning digital advertising campaigns. Build a kick*ss creative team from scratch. Think of and execute stunning work everyday. Show my team how to do it by doing it. Write with passion. Communicate on a larger scale. Keep it simple.

    Webchutney Studios Pvt. Ltd.

    Junior Copywriter - Senior Copywriter, 2012 - 2014

    Gurgaon, India

    Began as a Jr. Copywriter, and was leading creative duties for several key accounts at Webchutney at the time of leaving.



    International Institute of Tropical Agriculture

    Corporate Communications Intern, 2010

    Ibadan, Nigeria

    Wrote several key press releases for this organization working under the United Nations. These releases secured visibility in key print media across Kenya and Nigeria.


    Activities: Writing press releases. news stories and internal presentations.

    Delhi College of Arts and Commerce

    BA (Honors) Journalism, 2009-2012

    New Delhi, India

    Honed my craft by applying standard marketing principles to my language skills.


    Activities: Journalism Society, Work experience at Webchutney as a Jr. Copywriter during my final year.

    Vconverter Inc.

    Automotive Engineer (Co-Op), 2006-2008

    Whitemore Lake, Michigan, United States

    Design + Prototyping of state-of-the-art exhaust systems and manifolds for the Automotive Big 3 in the US. Worked closely with senior engineers on the client-side and led a small "shop" team in-house to conceptualize and execute designs of catalytic converters, exhaust manifolds and durable tubing.

  • WHY ME?

    Every proposition should be supported by relevant RTBs.

    Creative 2.0

    I work with the digital medium because I am obsessed with it. From long copy and stamp ads to overarching brand strategies, I've been there and done that.

    Mr. Straterjee

    I specialize in creative strategy to achieve brand objectives. In simpler words, I can think out of the box and still come up with firmly grounded and executable solutions that can actually work for everybody.

    Judge, Jury, Executor

    More than conceptualization, I enjoy execution. The small details. The nitty gritty. The thought become action and then reality. It's like watching dreams come to life. It's like looking at a wonderful campaign and thinking, "That's my baby."

    Rhetorical Command

    I am fluent in a variety of voices, while maintaining form across multiple projects: From the lap of luxury with Grey Goose to the quirky with Breezer, to the mischievous with Hajmola Yoodley and the wink in Google's copy.

    Esprit De Corps

    I've helped build excellent creative teams with self-reliant and independent writers, with whom I work very closely and without a vertical hierarchy. The members of my team feel that they can approach me with anything.

    A Quick Study

    I can cut through the noise to keep the ratio of output to time as high as possible without compromising on quality. I adapt quickly and apply just as quickly. Life is too short to work slowly.


    Like having favourites among your kids.

    Atlassian's Bitbucket //

    Code Like A Pro


    (January 2017)


    An experimental media campaign to build preference of Bitbucket as a primary cloud repository tool and increase penetration by reaching out to untapped markets in India.

    Visit the case study >>

    Hajmola Yoodley //
    Yoodley Shararat University



    The world's first educational institute for mischief, from India's most mischievous brand! This project involved everything from a website and fun social content to mischievous news based on real topical events and happenings.


    Gold, CMO Asia Awards (Best Use of Social Media in the Food and Beverage Sector)

    Watch the video >>

    Comedy Central India //

    The Destruct-o-matic


    (December 2013)

    A live streamed anger management robot built from the ground up, controlled by users online.

    Silver, Goafest (Best Microsite Campaign)

    Silver, Promax BDA India (Best Use of Social)

    Gold, Promax BDA Global Excellence Awards (Technical Innovation)
    Silver, Promax BDA Global Excellence Awards (Art Direction and Design: Program Promotion and Website)
    Bronze, Promax BDA GLobal Excellence Awards (Interactive Promotion)


    Enjoy the case study >>

    Experience the offline demo >>

    Bacardi // Buzzer


    (October - November 2013)


    Drink collectively, win collectively.

    This activation at NH7 Weekender had people push a button at the bar to fill up a massive digital screen in real time. When the liquid got to certain levels, patrons won better and better prizes, like happy hours, merchandise and more.


    Bronze, GoaFest (Ambient Media)

    Grey Goose // Style Guide


    (June 2013 - Present)


    The most stylish Vodka needed its own style magazine. We started one that made waves in the fashion scene and earned countless media mentions.

    Read it here >> 

    Grey Goose // Style Du Jour


    (June 2013 - Present)


    Curating the best style in India with leading style connoisseurs like Noblesse, Harper's and more. We intertwined Grey Goose with the idea of style forever.

    See the live site >>

    Comedy Central India // ComedyCentral.in


    (December 2013)

    Built a slick creative content strategy and plan for the best Comedy portal in India. The site is now Comedy Central India's flagship presence on the web.

    Get some laughs >>

    Breezer // Catch the Flavour


    (October 2013)

    For a fruity beverage that defines "Play," we built a fruit swiping game for iOS, Android and desktops. The game is currently in Phase 2: Monetization and Social Addons.

    Play the game >> 

    See the mobile case study >>

    Watch the desktop case study >>

    Budweiser // BudStation


    (January 2013)


    Have a high party quotient? This app had people prove it on Facebook to win big.


    Watch the case study >>

    Bacardi // Walk the Line Mobile


    (January 2013)

    Too drunk to drive? This clever app is the final judge. This neat app rendition of a larger, on-ground phenomenon brought us a Silver Abby at Goafest 2013.


    Silver, GoaFest (Mobile)

    Watch the case study >>

    BMW Financial //

    The Ultimate Test Drive Surprise


    (January 2014)

    It's not a car, it's a lifestyle. Welcome to the club. No actors were used in the making of this brand film. Spoiler: This video features Sachin Tendulkar. This video got over 250k views during the campaign phase, and over 300k total views till date!

    Watch the video >>


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